Hackettes programming contest

tl;dr We’re throwing a hacking contest!

This is a story of a few developers who had an idea over a beer. “Shouldn’t we do a programming contest”, said one of them. “We could target it at women”, said another. This was met with nods of approval from both the guys and the gals; they’d all talked before about how they wished there were more women in tech.

The next morning enough of them still felt this had potential to be really fun, so they ventured forth to see if they could trick someone into actually letting them do it! Luckily the company they work for is very encouraging towards grass root initiatives. Our heroes were met with overwhelming enthusiasm and even a budget. Suddenly they found themselves supported by designers and copywriters and all sorts of people with impressive titles. Frightening as it was, it seemed their idea was actually happening.

Spotify Hackettes

Everyone agreed that we’re very much for supporting women in technology, but we don’t like excluding. So while we’re mainly aiming our contest at women, guys are welcome to sign up as well.

As far as programming contests go it will be casual in style – above all we’re aiming for people to have fun together. For our own sake we’re looking at this as an opportunity to hang out with the community, getting to know each other better.

It’s happening on August 24th in NYC. We’ve got a webpage where you can sign up, and we’re really excited about it. And we truly love the fact that we work at a place where we are encouraged to do crazy fun things like this.

We are hoping that the community will help us spread the word about this to any women coders out there who might be interested in joining =)

Thanks for reading,
A few Spotify devs