Achieving fault-tolerance with intelligent daemons

Powering the Spotify service is a backend of dozens of different, specialized service implementations. For example, we have a playlist system that is responsible for the storing and retrieval of users playlists, a user service responsible for login, and we have an ad system with advertisements and the surrounding business logic. Spotify’s backend infrastructure and service reliability engineers spend a […]

In praise of “boring” technology

In this article I will explain how Spotify uses different mature and proven technologies in our backend service eco-system and architecture, and why we do so. In addition, this article will also attempt to explain when Spotify has chosen not to use certain proven technologies, the reasons why and the associated pitfalls associated with each. […]

Rock the night

It was the middle of the night, 10th of May 2011, and were at step twentysomething of the rollout plan, the step that basically meant no turning back. It was the night we’ve decided to do the switchover from the old to the new login system. It was scary, potentially causing downtime of login and […]