An opinionated anthropology of the embedded programmer, its habits and habitat

Illustrations by Jonas Ekman Registers! Oscilloscopes! Beards! Serial Ports! C! Cycle shaving! Beards! Interrupts! Assembly! Did I mention beards? If I were to say the words “embedded programmer” most people in our industry would immediately conjure up an image of a heroic character. A magnificent developer with arcane skills, an encyclopedic knowledge of the occult, […]

Oh IPv6, Where Art Thou

Illustrations by Jonas Ekman Since the dawn of time, man has used 32-bit addressing. When the first Homo Erectus crawled out of the sea 6000 years ago, IPv4 infrastructure was already installed and the savannah was teeming with spam, flames and lewd ascii-art. Back in 1992, the Chief Architect, a man named Greg Internet, started […]