My Beat: Lynn Root

My Beat header image, lime, red, and blue with soundwaves

My Beat is a blog series that turns the spotlight towards technical employees across various disciplines and roles to showcase what a typical day as a Spotifier consists of.  Lynn is one of our Staff Engineers and has just celebrated her six-year anniversary at Spotify. Starting out in our San Francisco office, she later moved […]

The Winding Road to Better Machine Learning Infrastructure Through Tensorflow Extended and Kubeflow

When Spotify launched in 2008 in Sweden, and in 2011 in the United States, people were amazed that they could access almost the world’s entire music catalog instantaneously. The experience felt like magic and as a result, music aficionados dug in and organized that content into millions of unique playlists. Early on, our users relied […]

Spotify’s Event Delivery – Life in the Cloud

Spotify is a data informed company and in such a company Event Delivery is a key component. Every event containing data about users, the actions they take, or operational logs from hundreds of systems is a valuable piece of information. Without a successful Event Delivery system, we would not be able to understand our users […]

Solving documentation for monoliths and monorepos

At Spotify, we’re always trying to push the boundaries of the way the world experiences audio. In order to achieve this, our engineers need to learn and move quickly. It is the best way we believe we can achieve the Spotify company mission of unlocking the potential of human creativity. One of the ways we […]

web-scripts – creating NPM libraries in a snap at Spotify

At Spotify, we love sharing code. We have many autonomous teams creating new stuff every day, and we need to be able to share code between those teams in an efficient manner, with a high degree of confidence and reliability. For web libraries, that means NPM. We are also really excited about TypeScript. For apps […]