Meet our engineers – Charlie Pastuszenski

What’s your name and where are you from? My name is Charlie and I come from the US and grew up in Massachusetts. Before moving to Stockholm, I lived and worked for Spotify in New York City. What do you do at Spotify? I am a machine learning engineer. I spend my time writing data […]

Spydra – Ephemeral Hadoop Clusters Using Google Compute Platform

We are happy to announce a new open sourced project from Spotify called Spydra. Spydra makes it easy to run data processing jobs in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Dataproc, automating the cluster life-cycle management and making troubleshooting of failed jobs easier. Spydra supports usage of ephemeral clusters created only for the duration of a single […]

Reliable export of Cloud Pub/Sub streams to Cloud Storage

Every day, Spotify users are generating more than 100 billion events. Every event is being generated as a response to an user action; listening to a song, clicking on an ad or subscribing to a playlist. All in all, we currently have more than 300 different event types being generated from Spotify clients. Once delivered, […]

Spotify’s Love/Hate Relationship with DNS

Spotify has a history of loving “boring” technologies. It’s not that often people talk about DNS; when they do, it’s usually to complain. But it’s because DNS is boring that we love it so much: this post will walk through how we’ve designed & manage our own DNS infrastructure, and pushing it to its limits.

Dare to be different (part 2)

Culture at Spotify My co-workers at Spotify often quote the famous Peter Drucker saying:   “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”   And to be honest, when I first heard them say it I simply nodded, as it sounded smart and I didn’t disagree. However, having just hit month six at Spotify, I can now hopefully […]

Google Cloud Security Toolbox

At Spotify, we actively manage more than 800 Google Cloud Platform projects. As such, maintaining a proper security posture at scale has proven to be a challenging task. In an effort to seamlessly audit and strengthen the security stance of our massive cloud infrastructure, we are investing various resources into building our own tools and […]

First things first, Trust each other

  “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” Ernest Hemingway Trust is the bedrock of all effective teams. When it exists, team members speak freely, don’t second guess each other and formal hierarchy fades into the distance. Sadly, trust is often hard to gain and very easy […]

Commoditizing Music Machine Learning : Services

Five years ago, music personalization at Spotify was a tiny team. The team read papers, developed models, wrote data pipelines and built services. Today personalization involves multiple teams in New York, Boston & Stockholm producing datasets, feature engineering and serving up products to users. Features like Discover Weekly and Release Radar are but the tip of […]

To Coach or Not to Coach?

A little while back during a coaching book club, a few Spotify coaches started a discussion about a common pitfall they found: why do we default to the coaching stance so much? The coaching stance is a tool used to help a partner to think and problem solve a situation through non-judgmental dialogue with the coach. It […]