A 101 on 1:1s

“You just talk to them for half an hour.” That’s the guideline I got when I first joined Spotify for how to run my 1:1s — a recurring half hour meeting between a manager and their team members. It didn’t leave me with much to work with. I was admittedly clueless about the practice. I […]

How we do large scale retrospectives

  Foreword: This post was initiated by Andy Park, former agile coach here at Spotify. For years we’ve been experimenting with how to do “big retrospectives”. That is, how to capture and spread learnings from big complex multi-site efforts involving dozens of teams. We used to do the traditional “get everyone into one big room” version, but now with […]

Squad Health Check model – visualizing what to improve

(Download the cards & instructions as PDF or PPTX) (Translations of this article: Chinese, French) What is a squad health check model? A lot of companies experiment with ways of measuring and visualizing how their teams are doing. They’re usually called “maturity models”, and involve some sort of progression through different levels.

How it is to be an Agile Coach intern at Spotify

It all started in the middle of April, I had been studying agile for 7 months at a school called Agile Academy and it was time to spread my wings and do the internship. The first week at Spotify was filled with all the things I’ve only read about in books; there were boards everywhere, […]

Agile à la Spotify

At Spotify we have our own “Agile à la Spotify” manifesto to create alignment and direction for our improvement work. This blog post describes the background for creating the document, what it is and how we are using it. A little over a year ago my colleague Karin Björkén woke up early one morning and […]