Things We Learned Creating Technology Career Steps

This is part three of a three-part series on how we created a career path framework for the individual contributors at Spotify. Part one discussed the process we used to formulate the framework. Part two contained version 1.0 of our framework. In this segment, I’ll talk about the lessons we learned rolling out the framework […]

Spotify Technology Career Steps

This is part two of a three part series on how we created a technical career path for individuals at Spotify and what we learned in the process. This post contains the actual version one of our Technical Career Steps. This is the complete document, so it is a bit long. In the next and […]

Building a technical career path at Spotify

Spotify launched a career path framework for individuals last year. Since then, I’ve spoken to leaders at several other companies about it. This seems to be a bit of a hot topic, so I’ve decided to write about our model and how we arrived at it. Hopefully, this may be useful to your company. This […]

How it is to be an Agile Coach intern at Spotify

It all started in the middle of April, I had been studying agile for 7 months at a school called Agile Academy and it was time to spread my wings and do the internship. The first week at Spotify was filled with all the things I’ve only read about in books; there were boards everywhere, […]

Personal development at Spotify

This is an article describing how we see personal development at Spotify, especially within Technology and Product. We believe being able to grow, learn new skills and achieving mastery is a big part of what motivates a person. Those things are also important in our fast-paced world where our surroundings (market, competitors, technology) and Spotify […]