RAMLfications – Python package to parse RAML

A few of us at Spotify are infatuated with RAML – a RESTful API Modeling Language described as “a simple and succinct way of describing practically-RESTful APIs”, extremely similar goal of Swagger. I’m pleased to announce the initial release of RAMLfications, a Python package that parses RAML and validates it based on the specification into Python objects.

Snakebite: a pure Python HDFS client

As we all know, Hadoop is great and here at Spotify we are big fans of it. We use it to process data for a lot of different purposes like business intelligence, recommendations and reporting. But even though Hadoop is great at crunching data, interacting with it can be hard sometimes. For example, creating complex […]

How we use Python at Spotify

The most frequent question we heard at PyCon this weekend, was how do we use Python at Spotify. Hopefully this post answers the question! At Spotify the main two places we use Python are backend services and data analysis. Python has a habit of turning up in other random places, as most of our developers […]